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Working Agreements

All attendees of SexABA conference or consortium events agree to abide by the following working agreements:

All attendees are expected to adhere to conference values and refrain from any form of ableism, ageism, racism, xenophobia, classism, sexism, heterocissexism, fatphobia, or any other forms of discrimination. The conference and consortium environments' focus on human rights affirmation, neurodiversity affirmation, and gender and sexuality affirmation are values that we wish to protect. If there is potential harm or genuine mistakes that come up during a conference or consortium, our chat moderators may gently ask for behaviors to shift. If this is not possible it may be asked that someone causing repeated harm leave the conference space and attend via watching the recordings. We ask all attendees to be mindful not just of direct discrimination, but also of microagressions and tone policing. We are excited to have you engage in the chat and to engage in breakout rooms. In these spaces it is expected that you only speak from your own direct experience, and show up with curiosity, humility, and a commitment to be good to fellow attendees and presenters! 

If at any point during the conference you feel uncomfortable, need assistance, or have an ask, please message your chat moderators directly, and not the presenters, so that we can give them space to focus on the content they are bringing to us all!


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